Qasimi Industries

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Our Factories

Welcome to our world of innovation and excellence in polyester fabric manufacturing. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we take immense pride in our two state-of-the-art factories that serve as the heart of our operations.

At our facilities, weaving, wrapping, twisting, and printing come together in a symphony of advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship. We have meticulously designed our factories to be centers of creativity and precision, where every thread and every process is carefully orchestrated to produce fabrics of unparalleled quality.

Our Mission

Crafting Perfection: We dedicate ourselves to the art of weaving, wrapping, twisting, and printing Polyester fabrics, ensuring each thread embodies the highest standards of quality and design. We aim to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering fabrics that reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Inspiring Creativity: We believe fabrics are the canvas upon which creativity paints its stories. Our mission is to inspire designers, artists, and creators across industries to explore uncharted territories and design new horizons with our exceptional Polyester fabrics.

Our Fabrics

Sensual Comfort, Luxurious Touch: Experience the indulgence of comfort combined with the allure of luxury. Our polyester silk fabrics envelop you in a world of sumptuous comfort, caressing your senses and inviting you to revel in every moment. Whether it’s the gentle touch against your skin or the exquisite drapery, our fabrics redefine comfort in the most elegant manner.


TR Fabric

Imitation T/R fabric represents a distinctive category of blended textiles meticulously crafted from a fusion of filament and spun fibers.

This fabric type boasts an exceptional wrinkle-resistant property alongside an array of vibrant hues. The gentle caress of its soft hand feel, coupled with its remarkable, culminates in an unmatched wearing experience marked by comfort and elegance. The fabric’s innate air permeability further contributes to its wearability, ensuring a cool and breathable sensation.


Other Fabric Types

French Ladona

Radiating charm, it features a refined white backdrop adorned with a delicate floral and ribbon motif, accentuated by crepe-like “ribbing.” This meticulously crafted material boasts a double-sided design, ensuring that both facets mirror each other in a mesmerizing symphony. Impressively, the print transcends the fabric, gracing both sides with its beauty. While one side technically claims the title of the “right side,” the near-indistinguishable duality adds a touch of intrigue to its allure.

Indulge in the graceful allure of this fabric, whose silky fluidity speaks volumes of its rayon heritage. Qasimi’s Ladona Crepe Georgette invites you to transform your ideas into sheer elegance.

Technical Textile

Welcome to our Technical Textile section, where innovation meets fabric! At [Qasimi Industries Private Limited], we take pride in being at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality technical textiles that redefine functionality and style. Our versatile range encompasses a variety of specialized fabrics, including Poplin, Nylon, Raincoat materials, Camo flags, and Taffeta, each designed to cater to unique and demanding applications.

At Qasimi Industries Private Limited , we not only produce technical textiles; we engineer solutions that enhance your lifestyle and empower your creations. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability is woven into every fiber of our fabrics. Explore our diverse range of technical textiles and experience the fusion of science and style like never before.

Elevate. Innovate. Create. With Technical Textiles from Qasimi Industries Private Limited.

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